'Grooming the Future Avicenna'


this is a big grin right!!
finally, d'day will arrive tomorrow..
please pray that everything will go smoothly...

this is the 1st programme that I'm fully responsible for the graphic designing...
not very good...
but at least, I can develop my skills..huu
from the teaser poster, registration poster, official poster, pamphlete, bunting & even backdrop banner...
erk....actually, it's quite a tough mission for me..
my partner is responsible for the video making...It's tougher for us 'coz we are not a pro...only an amateur..

for me myself...this task have taught me a lot...
as I'm not very good in English...
so many many comments I received...
make me very very tension for a while...
a lot of editing, a lot of constructing & a lot of mistakes too...~.~

Gratitude Excellence Leadership (GRAND '12)
'Grooming the Future Avicenna'

this a special programme held for those who achieve the highest scorers among their friends according each university...Cairo University, Ain Shams University & El-Azhar University...
and this programme will be held fully in English...and formal dress code..

we also invite special guests form that 3 universities...
do you know who..??
they are vice deans...of each university
they will talk in a talk show entitled 'Unfolding the Hidden Secrets of Excellence'
I hope, that we'll get the booster from this programme...
as all of us, medical students, will sit for mid-year exam in the end of this month, December..

banner backdrop



registration poster

design frame for vice dean of faculty medicine of ain shams

invitation for Voice of Syifa' to give a performance

official poster

profile picture

timeline picture

there have been a while, that I'm not writing & sharing islamic information/tazkirah right..??
I really want to share my feeling & my understanding to you... I'm not the right person to give a knowledge like tafsir, hadis, feqh etc...I only can share with all of you... ^_^


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